Camera Inspection
in Brossard

French drains are the large tubes placed at the base of your foundations that ease water transmission and dispersion around your house. Problems of humidity or drainage can occur when they are not in good condition. Nobody wishes for their home to be affected by such problems. For that reason, we at Fissures de béton Alain Grenier offer you a camera inspection service with fibre-optic cameras. You may sit back in the comfort of your home in Brossard while we ensure the proper functioning of your French drains!

Camera Inspection
of French Drains

With the help of a fibre-optic camera, we can visualize the state of your pipes. This way, we are able to directly identify the source of your problems to, then, determine which are the steps to solve them. We have the knowledge to advise you with the services and reparations that suit best your situation. Moreover, entrusting us with the verification of your French drains, you can avoid some major problems.

Prevent Trouble

This technology doesn’t only serve problem-solving. Indeed, it is indispensable that your French drains be in good condition. For that reason, a fibre-optic camera inspection is also used preventively. Thanks to this method, we can easily notice deformations or clogging that could cause humidity or drainage problems in your foundations. By verifying the proper functioning of your French drains before any major problem, our team in Brossard will help you save a lot of money!

Pro vs Amateur

Trust experts for the installation of your French drains. They have the wisdom and experience needed to remediate your problems adequately and permanently. Wrongly completing an inspection or a reparation could lead to additional costs and otherwise preventable concerns. There is no need to do this mistake. Indeed, at Fissures de béton Alain Grenier in Brossard, we are confident that, with our 20 years of experience, we will give you satisfying results. Moreover, most of our renovation services come with a 10 years guarantee!

Seek the Help of an Expert!

Don’t wait any longer and contact Fissures de béton Alain Grenier for an inspection of your French drains with a fibre-optic camera. Our team in Brossard will be happy to verify the proper functioning of your pipes for you!

Consult with
the professionals.

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