Choosing the right French drain

When talking about French drains, several words can come to your mind: renovations, hassles, damage, water damage, highly cost renovations, etc… And at first glance, you are not wrong! French drain renovations are often considered particularly major renovations and can scare many homeowners. They require significant investments in time and money. However, these renovations can ensure the durability and comfort of your home for several years to come.

Here is why it’s important and necessary to opt for a French drain of superior quality.

The advantages

First of all, you should know that French drain renovations are not renovations that you can undertake without experience! These renovations involve the handling of many heavy tools and machinery, as well as knowledge about excavation, plumbing, and construction work.

In fact, the French drain is a pipe installed at the foundations’ base of any building that facilitates the dispersion of water all around their foundations. A French drain in good condition can prevent the infiltration of water, moisture, and mold inside the building.

At Fissures de béton Alain Grenier, we use the best products on the market in order to provide durable, high-quality French drains to each and every customers. That’s why we opted for the Soliflex drain from the Quebec company Soleno, which allows us to encourage local businesses.

By choosing a certified French drains installing and repairing company, you are sure to benefit from the following advantages:

  • A high-quality French drain
  • A company certified and recognized by the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec and by CAA Quebec
  • A team of experts in French drains installation and reparation
  • Optimum protection against water infiltration, molds and moisture proliferation, and the premature degradation of your foundations
  • Pipes in perfect condition and installed according to the standards of building codes
  • Safe work from A to Z
  • Unmatched peace of mind following the work
  • Extended lifespan of your French drain pipes
  • A 10-year warranty on most jobs

Il vaut donc mieux faire appel une entreprise certifiée en installation de drains français. Cela vous permettera de bénéficier de travaux réglementaires et sécuritaires, en plus d’obtenir une paix d’esprit inégalée ainsi qu’une satisfaction sans pareil.

Therefore it’s better to call a certified company in French drain’s installation.

Let the experts take care of it!

With more than 20 years of experience in our field, Fissures de béton Alain Grenier is a reputable company in French drains installation, repair, and renovation. We have been able to build our expertise over the years, in addition to having perfected our knowledge and techniques. You are assured of a result that meets your highest expectations.

Efficient and innovative working methods, state-of-the-art tools, unquestionable expertise as well as professional and courteous service; these are our guarantees at Fissures de béton Alain Grenier. In addition, we are confident of the superior quality of our services that we are able to offer a 10-year warranty on most of our work.

In order to give you a true idea of ​​exactly what’s a French drain installation or reparation, check out our explanatory video on our website. At the same time, you can see our workers at work and see their expertise and professionalism.

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