French Drain Installation

French Drain Installation

The French drain is an important part of your house’s protection. It’s a complete concept that collects water away from home, this large tube placed at the base of a foundation eases water transmission and dispersion around a building.


Although less popular, the French drain is also known as the “dispersion drain” because of the work it does. Specifically, the French drain is a pipe installed at the foundations’ base of a building to facilitate the routing and dispersion of water all around the foundations of a building. This prevents water, moisture and mold infiltration into the building.

Often considered a costly renovation, the fact remains that a perfectly working French drain allows you to avoid additional costs associated with renovations. For example, water damages, mold through walls, the presence of mushrooms and unhealthy air quality, etc. Before you end up with a long list of additional problems, make sure of the functioning of your French drain!


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