French Drains
in Longueuil

French drains help prevent water, humidity and mold infiltration in your home. In Longueuil just as in its surrounding areas, the ever-changing weather, for example, the snowstorms and extreme colds of winter, as well as the torrential rain of spring, can damage your foundations. For that reason, having a robust french drain is indispensable.

The Installation

In addition to the replacement of your French drains, in the event of water damage, our team in Longueuil will also provide you with the necessary repairs to your foundations. It would undeniably be wise of you to be wary of cracks for they indicate that damage has already been done. For that reason, we plug the clefts in a few steps.

First, holes are pierced at regular intervals on the inside wall of your foundations. Then, these holes are cleaned so that we can insert injection sleeves. With the help of a pump that we connect to the sleeves, we inject expansive polymer at over 3000 lbs of pressure. With this extreme force, the product can slip deep into the concrete and in the smallest splits. This optimizes the sealing of your foundations. We guarantee, with this method, that our repair work will last for at least 10 years.

Moreover, to prevent water accumulation, we install watertight membranes that will cover your foundations. As a first step, we will remove all dirt and moisture from its exterior surface. Next, we will spray an elastomeric membrane to the below-grade portion of the foundation to then apply a waterproof Delta membrane. If clefts had been found, we will add elastomeric protections for permanent sealing.

Why Should I
Hire an Expert?

At Fissures de béton Alain Grenier, we use quality drains that, properly installed, will guarantee you long term protection. In addition, we support the local market by using the Solifex drains from the Québec based company Soleno. Whether it is to repair or to replace your French drains in the city of Longueuil, hiring a professional is a more cautious decision. Indeed, this investment will help you avoid additional repair expenses considering the possibility of an amateur leaving you with a critical mistake. By hiring an expert you prevent fungus, poor air quality and water damage that can be created by clogged or damaged drains.

It is necessary, to access your foundations, to remove the dirt that surrounds them. In that respect, to protect your lot during the repair work, we install 4ft by 8ft panels. On it, we will move our machinery and place the dirt.

The French drains installation is the penultimate step of our task. The finale step consists in backfilling and cleaning your lot. After we’re done, only some excess soil will remain. The latter will take a few months to go back to its initial level.

No more worries about groundwater, mould or humidity infiltration in your Longueuil residence!

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