French Drains,

Fiber optic camera

Fissures de béton Alain Grenier offers the inspection service of your drains with a fiber optic camera. The advantage?

By inspecting your French drains with a fiber optic camera, it allows us to evaluate the state of your drain and thus find the origin of the drainage and moisture problem of your foundation.

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Polyurethane injection

Polyurethane is a malleable and water repellent product mainly used for repairing cracks that can cause water infiltration. This is a logical and sustainable choice!

Frequently used to fill steel columns, voids behind brick walls, deep spaces, cracks in concrete and more, polyurethane is specially formulated to fill shape cavities of various dimensions and shapes.

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Polyurethane membrane installation

Alain Grenier also offers the application of elastomeric membrane preventing any contact of water and earth with your foundations. The elastomeric membrane application provides permanent and lasting protection against water infiltration.

Delta membrane

The Delta Membrane is an effective system for waterproofing foundations and waterproofing walls. This type of membrane has a unique geometry that creates an air gap along the wall, it keeps the soil moisture away from the foundation wall, which is essential to permanently maintain a dry basement.

French drain installation

During leaks or flow problems, our experts carry out the repairs as well as the replacement of your French drain. Say goodbye to water leaks, water damages or blocked pipes; trust us with the repairing your French drain.

We use the Soliflex drain from Soleno Compagnie du Québec.

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Window Wells

Adding a window to your basement requires additional protection to stop the infiltration of water. The curbs provide an effective barrier of protection by preventing water infiltration through basement windows or small cracks near windows. Whether steel, stone, concrete or wood, your window surround is placed at the foundations of your home and will retain the soil and water so they do not reach your window and your room. House.

The installation of window wells is a complex task; the excavation of a small portion of the land, the installation of an effective drainage system of the curbs, a control of various tools, in addition to ensuring the conformity of the norms governing your property and your municipality.

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