What’s an polyurethane injection?

Besides being a very profitable word in Scrabble, polyurethane is a word quite unknown! In order to give you a little of our expertise and our knowledge, Fissures de béton Alain Grenier took the time to write a little article explaining what a polyurethane injection is.

Its principal qualities

Polyurethane is a very effective insulating material mainly used to seal cracks in foundations. By being a very malleable product, it adapts easily to all sizes, forms, and curves of those cracks, allowing optimal sealing protection. Each hole and cavity can be perfectly filled with this product.

Although polyurethane is more expensive than other insulating materials (eg wool or cellulose), it offers a large number of non-negligible qualities:

  • An incomparable seal against water infiltration damages
  • A par-air preventing drafts in your home
  • An effective barrier against moisture and the proliferation of molds
  • A useful vapor barrier
  • A sealer of superior quality for the foundations of your home

Why should you opt for a polyurethane injection?

Polyurethane injection is a logical and sustainable choice to effectively protect your home from cracks or cavities in its foundations. In the long run, this helps prevent the premature deterioration of the foundation walls of your property and drastically reduces the cost of future repairs and renovations.

Polyurethane injection is the ideal solution for all foundation repair work:

  • The inner and outer face of foundation walls
  • Edge joists between each floor
  • The ceilings of your home
  • The floor of a cantilevered room

However, despite its great versatility, polyurethane foam is not used anyhow! Its installation requires the expertise and know-how of real professionals so that the work can be done perfectly. The polyurethane injection must be performed by professionals in the field mainly because it needs to be injected at high pressure. So you should choose a reputable foundation repair and polyurethane injection company to do the job.

  • Le plancher d’une pièce en porte-à-faux

Toutefois, sachez que malgré sa très grande polyvalence, la mousse de polyuréthane ne s’utilise pas n’importe comment! Son installation requiert l’expertise et le savoir-faire de vrais professionnels afin que le travail soit réalisé parfaitement. L’injection de polyuréthane doit être réalisée par des professionnels en la matière afin d’être injecté à haute pression. Vous devriez donc choisir une entreprise réputée en réparation de fondations et en injection de polyuréthane afin d’effectuer le travail.

Choosing the right entrepreneur

In order to ensure the highest quality when carrying out this major work, it’s necessary to choose the right company. The right company is the one that can provide you an exemplary service at a good price, and that shows professionalism during the whole duration of the works. From making contact to finalizing small details in your house.

At Fissures de béton Alain Grenier, we really understand the needs of our customers and we strive to provide them with impeccable service. That’s why we are the right company for all your polyurethane injection needs!

With more than 20 years of experience in the field of foundation repairs, our specialists’ team can lead a repair project of your French drain without any inconveniences. Whether it’s for the replacement of the elastomeric membrane, for the repair or installation of a French drain or even for polyurethane injection, our experts are the real reference in our field!

The Fissures de béton Alain Grenier guarantee

Uses of new innovative techniques in our industry, working with specialized tools at the cutting edge of technology, courteous and professional service, unquestionable expertise, advantageous prices, and even more. Here’s everything that Fissures de béton Alain Grenier can guarantee to our customers when choosing to do business with us!

Don’t hesitate and contact us now to make an appointment for any polyurethane injection work at your home. Our work will be completed as soon as possible and in the interest of a job well done. It’s Fissures de béton Alain Grenier that you need!

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